Tested Radiator Filter stops blocking----Ed.


The following article is reprinted courtesy of the "Road Patrol"---the official publication of the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia.

"Filter keeps scale out of Radiator.

The RAC has received many odd items over the years and some actually work.
The latest addition to the list of successes is a deceptively simple filter
which, when inserted to the top radiator hose of a vehicle, prevents scale from
the cylinder block from entering the radiator and blocking the core tubes.
One of our technical staff has an old Toyota which has proved reliable transport
for the family for many years. The only problem it has is scale form the
cylinder block accumulating in the top radiator tank. If it is not cleaned out
periodically the radiator tubes become blocked and the engine tends to overheat.
Since fitting a COOLFILTER into the top radiator hose of this trusty Toyota, the
build-up old scale has been measurably reduced. The need to flush the radiator
annually if not more frequently has, it seems been eliminated.
Newer cars fitted with the filter collected less foreign matter but the overall
results indicated the filter was effective.
Designed by a WA inventor and his wife and made of heat resistant polypropylene,
the COOLFILTER is simple to fit and should last indefinitely with regular
It shouldn't block the water flow in the radiator. Under RAC supervision, a
COOLFILTER was packed with scale from an old engine block and then inserted in
the top radiator hose of an ancient Falcon.
The radiator and hose were sealed so that no coolant could be added during the
In over 5,000km of normal running, the engine showed no signs of overheating
even though the period of the test included some of Perth's hottest weather for
many years.
At the end of the test period it was found that the rush of coolant through the
filter had either dissolved some of the scale, or broken it down into particles
small enough to pass through the filter and therefore too small to clog the
radiator tubes.
As a result the filter had less scale in it at the end of the test than at the
start. "

Universal Radiator Coolant Filter